How Long Do Gel Batteries Last?

How long do gel batteries last? It’s a question that we have been getting a lot from some of our readers. Gel batteries are some of the most popular in South Africa and around the world. When setting up your backup energy system, you will have the option of getting gel, AGM, lead acid and lithium batteries. Lithium batteries tend to be better in terms of energy density and durability, but gel batteries are popular because they are way cheaper. So, what’s the lifespan of a gel battery?

Lifespan of Gel Batteries

Gel batteries can last up to 6 years. That’s their average lifespan. However, their lifespan depends on how they are charged and discharged. When charged and discharged correctly, some gel batteries can last up to 15 years.

Advantages of gel batteries

We have already noted that Gel batteries are very popular among people setting up their solar or backup systems. But why is that the case? Well, the major reason for this is that Gel batteries come with a wide range of advantages;

  • Gel batteries are sealed and maintenance free. Unlike lead acid batteries, you do not need to top up the electrolyte in a gel battery at any point during it’s lifespan.
  • We have already answered the question how long do gel batteries last. Their lifespan is huge and can run well over 15 years. The key is to use them correctly.
  • With gel batteries, there is no danger of leakages. In fact, you can place them sideways, which makes it convenience for odd spaces.
  • They also resist vibrations, making them ideal for RVs. Check out our article on how to install solar panels on an RV.
  • Gel batteries do not produce potentially toxic fumes. Again, this comes from the fact that they are sealed and maintenance free.

Disadvantage of gel batteries

Gel batteries are designed to last long, but perhaps not as long as lithium batteries. Today, lithium batteries have overtaken gel batteries in terms of popularity.

One major disadvantage of gel batteries is that they can easily get damaged if they are not charged correctly. Remember in answering the question “how long do Gel batteries last,” we emphasized the fact that they need to be charged correctly.

You need to have the correct, intelligent charger for your gel battery. Overcharge it once and it is dead. Gel batteries are not forgiving in this regard. Get the correct charger and yours will last years. Get your settings wrong, and yours will be done in a few days.


In this article, we answered the question, how long do Gel batteries last. It was noted that Gel batteries have long lifespans. Yours can last over 6 years. They have also been know to last up to 20 years.

The only major setback with Gel batteries in that they hold less power when compared with lithium batteries, which are gaining in popularity at the moment. Gel batteries are still way cheaper, though, making them quite popular in South Africa and around the world.

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