How to Install Solar Panels on RV

Do you wish to learn how to install solar panels on your RV? If you own an RV, getting solar for it is a logical choice. Doing this enables you to power a host of appliances while you are out on the open road. These appliances could include a fridge, lights, fans, computers and much more. One of the crucial components on a solar system for your RV are solar panels. So, how do you mount them on your RV?

How to mount solar panels on the roof of an RV

To get started, you need to determine how you are going to attach the panels to the roof of your RV. The following is how to install solar panels on the roof of an RV;

Use drill-free brackets

You can attach the panels to the roof of your RV using a drill-free mounting system. You can find these on sale online at a wide range of places. This system uses VHB tape to attach the brackets to the solar panels. For additional security, screws are used to hold attach the bracket to the panel. The panels are then attached to the roof of the RV using contact adhesive. Make sure the roof is clean to ensure a proper bond with the adhesive. For added security, you can then use Eternabond around the brackets. The good thing about this method is that there is not drilling into the roof, so you don’t have to worry about leaks. Here is a YouTube video highlighting this method of installing solar panels on an RV.

Use l-brackets

You can mount solar panels to your RV using l brackets.

You can also use L-brackets to install solar panels on your RV. Ordinary L-brackets that can be found at any hardware store will do in this regard. Make sure that the solar panels are well secured on the roof of the RV. As you drive along, the panels will be subjected to a lot of wind. So, you may wish to get redundancy by using a lot of L-brackets per panel. With the L-brackets option, you will have to drill into the roof of the RV. You will also need to caulk to prevent the holes that you have drilled from leaking.

Contact adhesive and EternaBond can be used to install solar panels on an RV

Flexible solar panels are lighter and can be stuck to the roof of the RV using a strong contact adhesive and strong tape. An example is EternaBond. Make sure that you have attached all sides of the panel to the roof. Also make sure that the surface of the roof is clean before you stick the panels onto it.

What do you need?

    Other than solar panels, the system for your RV will be composed of other items. At the top of this article, you also need a charge controller and batteries for your system. But how do all these elements come together?

    When installing panels onto the roof, you will also need adhesives and caulk. That depends on the method that you have chosen for your installation. You may also need some alcohol and a towel. You will use this to thoroughly clean the roof.

    With regards to your system, solar panels are the ones that generate electricity from the sun. This energy is used to charge the batteries through the charge controller. The charge controller is there to ensure that your batteries do not get overcharged.

    Batteries are very sensitive to being overcharged. If you do it even once, you could very well damage them permanently. You could also shorten their lifespan.

    Between the solar panels and the charge controller and between the charge controller and your batteries, you will need to install fuses. These fuses are there to protect your equipment. They will trip in the event of a short circuit.

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    In this post, we showed you how to install solar panels on an RV. We noted that there are a number of options for doing this. There are some kits out there that allow you to install your panels without having to drill into the roof of your RV.

    You also have the option to secure your panels on the roof using L-connectors. There are a number of other connectors that you can also use. With this method, you will have to drill into the roof of your RV.

    It’s also possible to stick the panels onto the roof of your RV using adhesive. Whatever method you choose, it’s important to make sure that the panels are properly secured ont he roof or the vehicle. They will be subjected to a lot of wind when traveling. As such, make sure that they will remain in place even in the most adverse of conditions.

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