How to Recharge Prepaid Meter When Power is Off

Are you looking for information on how to recharge your prepaid meter when the power is off in your area? Is that something that you are even able to do? South Africans have been enduring debilitating levels of loadshedding over the past few years. Unfortunately, the problem is not likely to be resolved any time soon.

Projections state that power shortages will persist till at least 5 years from now. You are here because power is off in your area, yet you wish to top up your meter. Or maybe power is around in your neighborhood, but you allowed your meter to run out. So, now how do your recharge it when you have no electricity in your home or office?

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The following is how to recharge your prepaid meter when power is off;

  1. Look for batteries for your CIU. Most of these units take small AA batteries
  2. Insert the batteries into the unite
  3. Plug the CIU to the house socket. This is an important step. You won’t be able to recharge if you are not plugged in
  4. Enter the 20 digit token into the meter
  5. Press enter and you should immediately get power back

It will not work in loadshedding

That’s how to recharge your prepaid meter when power is off in your home or office. Note that the above steps will likely not work if you have loadshedding in your area.

Remember we stated that you need to plug the CIU to your home’s power socket to be able to recharge. That’s because the unit uses the cables in your home to communicate with the meter.

When there is no power, that communication will not happen. Your meter will also not be able to communicate with your utility. So, you will not be able to recharge.

If it fails, go next door

If you have run out of power and have been switched off, you may run into problems recharging your meter. It’s largely due to the communication problems that we just mentioned.

In any case, the only solution to this would be to swallow your pride and go next door so they can plug you into their own power sockets.

When they do this, you should then be able to recharge your meter. In fact, power will be restored to your home immediately.

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In this article, we showed you how to recharge your prepaid electricity meter when power is off. We noted that this is particularly relevant for people who have allowed their units to run out. In that case, you may have difficult loading tokens into your CIU. The tips given here should help you in this regard.

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  1. If there was any day internet came to the rescue it was this day and on this platform. Thank you soooooo much. You can never know the impact of the good seed you sow but for me I want to say a BIGG thank you.
    As in I followed the instructions and like magic it worked perfectly, I didn’t even have to attempt it twice. Thank you

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