Eskom Toll Free Helpline

What is the Eskom toll free helpline? It’s something that you need to keep around at all time. Eskom is the major producer of electricity in South Africa. That power is sold to customers either directly or through municipalities. You are here because you wish to reach out to Eskom and you are wondering what number to use without having to pay for airtime. That is the information that we are going to provide you in this article.

What is the Eskom tollfree number?

The Eskom toll free helpline number is 0860037566. You can call this number at any time to report faults and other emergencies.

Alternative ways of getting in touch with Eskom

That is the Eskom toll free helpline. But are there other ways through which you can get in touch with Eskom. The answer is yes. Eskom provides many other ways through which to get in touch.

As an example, you can reach Eskom on social media. They are available on Facebook and on Twitter. The good news about chatting on these platforms is that you retain a copy of the chat. That can be useful should you have follow up questions.

You can also use the Alfred chatbot to get help. Normally, bots are not very good at resolving complex issues, but if you have a basic question that needs answering, then the Alfred bot is what you need.

It’s also possible to use the My Eskom app to get help and to resolve some of your issues. You can download the app from the Apple App store or from the Google Play Store.

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In this article, we provided you with the Eskom toll free helpline. This is a number for which a lot of people have been looking. We noted that Eskom is the biggest producer of electricity in the country.

There are other producers, but they are mostly just small. Eskom provides electricity to people in two ways. In a few locations, it sells directly to consumers. However, in most places in South Africa, it sells through municipalities.

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