How to Get Free Eskom Electricity Units

Do you wish to learn how to get free Eskom electricity units? It’s something that a lot of people have been asking about. Who qualifies for free Eskom power? Prepaid electricity comes as a major convenience for most people. It helps them manage their spending properly. However, it can be inconvenient at times. If you run out without any money, you will be in for some dark times. So, how do get Free Basic Electricity (FBE) from Eskom?

How to get Eskom Free Basic Electricity (FBE)

The following is how to get free Eskom electricity units;

  1. In the first place, your household needs to qualify for FBE. The facility is provided by government through Eskom and municipality as a means of providing basic services for poor households. It’s also meant for those who qualify for a pensioner rebate. As such if you do not fall into this category, you will not be able to qualify.
  2. If you fall into the above category, you will need to submit your details to your municipality or to Eskom if you get power from them directly. You can do by contacting your local municipal office, local ward councillor or a Community Development Worker. They will vet you to ensure that you really do qualify.
  3. In many instances, Municipalities will identify households that qualify for FBE themselves. If you have been identified, the it should be easy for your to start getting free Eskom electricity.
  4. You will then be able to collect between 50kWh and 60kWh per month as free units from Eskom vendors.
  5. If you are already registered in the FBE system, you can get free tokens by dialing  *130*869# or *130*269# on your phone.

How much free electricity can you get?

So far we have shown you how to get free Eskom electricity units. You may be wondering how much power you are going to get. The answer varies depending on how you get your power. It also varies depending on your consumption. Remember the free units are meant for poor households. They are designed to cover basic uses like TV, lights, ironing and boiling water.

As an example, if you live in Cape Town in an area where Eskom supplies power directly to households you will get 50kWh free if your consumption does not go beyond 250kWh per month on average over 12 months.

Meanwhile, if your power is supplied by the City of Cape Town, you will get 60kWh per month if your consumption is not over 250 kWh per month. If your consumption falls between 250kWh and 450kWh per month, you will get 25 units of electricity free. If you consume more than 450kWh per month, you will not get any free electricity.

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In this article, we showed you how to get free Eskom electricity units. It was noted that this service was introduced by the South African government to ensure that poor households get free basic services.

If you qualify, you may be identified by your local municipality. Meanwhile, if you believe you qualify but have not been identified, your local municipal office or your local representatives so they can help get you onto the system. Once you have been signed up, you can get power from your local Eskom vendor or directly on your phone.

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