What Can you Power With a 2kw Solar System?

What can you power with a 2kw solar system? It’s a question that many in South Africa have been asking. The country has witnessed a debilitating level of loadshedding over the past few years. Some areas can go up to 6 hours without power at the worst of times.

It’s not surprising, therefore, that a lot of people have been turning to solar as a solution to the power cuts. While shopping around, you will discover that there are different size solar solutions out there.

We have previously written about a 3kw system and what you can do with it. A 2kw system, generally speaking, is cheaper than a 3kw system. You will wonder, while shopping around, whether you should opt for the cheaper or for the more expensive system. You will also wonder whether or not a 3kva system is enough for your needs.

What can you power with a 3kw inverter?

The following are some of the appliances that you can power using a 2kw system;

  • 6 LED lights for 5 hours
  • 1 laptop
  • 1 LED/LCD for 5 hours.
  • A WiFi router for 24 hours
  • A small 100W Bar fridge 10 hours.
  • A small AC to be run on sunny days

Is this enough to power your home?

That’s the answer to the question, what can you power with a 2kw solar system. This type of system is enough to power a few appliances around the home.

It’s good enough if you want to go off-grid in a small cabin. It’s also good enough if your system is connected to the grid, meaning you will only be using it as backup.

To explain the above, you can use a 2kw system to power a very small fridge. You are not going to power bigger fridges of over 100 litres using such a system.

You will also be able to use the system to keep your home connected to the internet. That’s something that a lot of people will want to have in their homes or offices.

You will also be able to power laptops off of this system. Laptops are not that big a draw of power and the fact that they have their own batteries mean they wont be drawing power all the time.

Another popular appliance that you can run off of this system is a TV. In this regard, you should go no more than 32 inches in terms of size. Bigger TVs draw more power. You should also opt for a TV that consumes no more than 100 watts of power. LED TVs use less power, so this should be your option.


In this article, we answered the question, what can you power with a 2kw solar system. It was noted that you can use such a system to run a few basic appliances around your home or office. It works great if you are connected to the grid.

That way, you will be using the system only as backup. In terms of what you can power, you can run a small fridge of no more than 90 litres. You can also have LED lighting throughout your home. It’s also possible to run a TV of no more than 32 inches. And LED TV is preferable.

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