Where Do I Find my Eskom Pole Number?

Where do I find my Eskom pole number? It’s something that you may find yourself asking at some point in time. Eskom is the largest electricity generating company in South Africa. They sell power to people in the country directly and through municipalities. If you are one of their customers, there are instances where you will be asked to provide a nearby pole number. We will discuss these instances below. But how do you find your pole number?

How to find your Eskom pole number

The following is how to find your Eskom pole number;

  1. Go outside and look for the nearest Eskom pole
  2. Check on it and you will see that there is either a tag on which it the pole number or the number will be printed directly onto the pole.
  3. Write down this number and use it for whatever it is that you wish to use it for.

Why look for the poll number?

That’s how to find your Eskom pole number. But why would you look for this number? We have already noted that there are several instances when you will be asked to provide the number.

Let’s say you wish to have Eskom install a prepaid meter at your premise. They will ask for your details so they can visit you. One of the things they will ask for is the pole number. They use it to identify where your home so they can reach it quickly.

In fact, when you get in touch with Eskom customer care, they will ask you to provide the pole number so they can narrow down your area. They use this information to be able to help you.


In this post, we provided the answer for those looking for their Eskom pole number. It was noted that this number can be found on the electricity pole outside your home.

We also looked at why you may need this number. It’s something that you should write down and save somewhere because Eskom usually ask for this number when you contact they. They use the number to identify where you are so they can reach you quickly.

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