Tamper Code for Conlog Prepaid Meter

What is the tamper code for a Conlog prepaid meter? That’s something that you will be wondering about if you encounter the tamper error on your meter. When this happens, electricity supply to your home or office gets automatically shut down.

The tamper state indicates that the meter believes you have done something illegal on the device. A lot of people try to bypass their meters so they can get free electricity. However, in most instances, the tamper state gets triggered due to no fault from the user.

In order to clear the tamper error, you need to have a 20 digit tamper code. This code is similar to the tokens that you buy for your meter. You enter it into your meter similar to what you do with a normal token. But what is this tamper code and where can you find it? Is there a universal tamper code for Conlog meters?

How to get a Conlog meter tamper code

The tamper code for your Conlog prepaid electricity meter can only be provided by your electricity supplier. There is no universal tamper code for all Conlog meters. It means when you encounter the tamper error, you will need to do the following;

  1. Get in touch with your utility. Depending on where you are, that could be Eskom or your municipality.
  2. You will be asked to provide your meter number, so keep that handy when making your call.
  3. They will send technicians over to your home to inspect the meter. The technicians will check to see if the meter has been played around with.
  4. In the event that they find no signs of tampering on the meter, they will provide you with the code, which can only be used once.
  5. You will then enter it into the meter to clear the error and electricity will be restored to your premises.
  6. In some instances they may provide you with the tamper code over the phone without having to visit your premises.

What causes the tamper error?

That’s the answer for those looking for the tamper code for their Conlog prepaid electricity meter. We noted in the above section that tamper codes are meter specific. You will not be able to find one for yourself, other than at your vendor. But what triggers the code in the first place;

  • Information that has been received suggests that load shedding in South Africa has been causing damage to some meters. The result is that a lot more meters are going to tamper state for no apparent reason. Perhaps the voltage supply when power was restored was too low or too high, trigger the tamper state.
  • In most instances, your meter will go into the tamper state if there is a fault on the device. If your meter repeatedly does this, you will need to ask your supplier to replace the meter.
  • Tamper faults also happen for those who have solar systems that are connected to the grid when their inverters accidentally send power into the grid. If there is an excess amount of power being produced in your home, some may leak into the grid, thus causing the tamper fault. This does not usually happen with Conlog meters, but it happens with some other brands. Conlog meters usually just switch themselves off for a few seconds when they encounter this issue.
  • Someone may have tried to tamper with the meter. Doing this is highly illegal and attracts stiff penalties. It’s something that you should never do. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people in South Africa who try to trick their meters into getting free electricity.

What if you keep encountering this problem?

That’s the tamper code for Conlog meters. You will not be able to find it lying around somewhere on the internet. You will need to get the meter from your supplier. But what if the problem keeps occurring.

We have read from people who have had their supplier come to inspect the meter, after which they got the tamper code. After a day, they then encounter the same error, with power being switched off to their premises.

So, what would be the solution in this case? It’s something to which we have already referred. If you encounter this error multiple times, it will be best for the supplier to replace the meter. Otherwise you will keep having your life disrupted.

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In this article, we answered the question “what is the tamper code for a Conlog meter.” It was noted that the tamper code is specific to a meter. There is no universal tamper code. So, when you encounter this error you need to get in touch with your supplier.

They will come over to inspect your meter. If there are no signs of tampering, they will provide you with the tamper code, which you enter into your meter the same way that you enter a token. Once you have done this, power will be restored to your premise.

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