Why is my Prepaid Electricity Meter Blocked?

Why is my prepaid electricity meter blocked? It’s something that you will be asking yourself if you have received a blocked error on your meter. This error means you will have no electricity at home or in the office. That can be devastating. Though South Africa has been going through a lot of load shedding, you don’t want to be in the dark while everyone else has electricity. So, what are some of the reasons for having your meter blocked?

Reasons why you meter is blocked

The following are some of the reason why your prepaid electricity meter has been blocked;

  1. Meters usually get blocked due to none payment.
  2. Perhaps you have paid up your bills but your meter still got blocked. That could have been done in error or because you made your payments after the due date.

What to do if your meter has been blocked

That’s the answer to the question; “why is my prepaid electricity meter blocked?” The primary reason why meters get blocked is if you owe money to your municipality or to Eskom. In that case they will block your meter, thus preventing you from topping up. So, what can you do in that case?

The solution to this problem lies in reaching out to your provider. If you have money that you owe, you will need to pay the amount before your meter can be unblocked. If you have already made your payments, you will need to provide your municipality with proof that you have done so.

You may have to top up with a large amount

Perhaps your provider has unblocked your prepaid electricity meter, but when you enter a new token, you get a message telling you that the amount you have entered is insufficient.

It means you will need to buy a token that covers your debt to your electricity provider. If you have bought a small token, you may have to buy an additional one that ensures that you have paid up what you owe.


In this article, we covered the question, why is my prepaid electricity meter blocked. We noted that it happens because you owe something to your electricity provider. That could be Eskom or it could be your municipality.

Perhaps you made your payments after the due date, leading to your meter being blocked. In that case, the solution is to contact your municipality to have the issue resolved. You will have to pay your debts or provide proof of payment to get the issue sorted out.

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    1. You probably need to go back to the vendor who sold you the token. Or maybe the token was accepted and you didn’t notice? Did you check your balance?

  1. Hie I can’t buy electricity the house has been vacant for along time now it’s Saying No Voucher problem and I can’t buy

  2. Meter was blocked then arrears paid. Meter was unblocked on Thursday and my daughter loaded electricity. Now she can’t load again.

  3. My meter is blocked and its Easter weekend what now can’t be without electricity the whole weekend

  4. Who can help me please my electrical box is block I am a pensioner can only pay Tuesday and sitting without please if so.eone can help me I did not received a final notis

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