Prepaid Electricity Meter Error Codes South Africa

In this article, we are going to highlight some of the most common prepaid electricity meter error codes that South Africans are likely to come across. Encountering an error can be devastating. If you are unable to top up your meter, as an example, that will leave your home without electricity. The good news is that most of the errors that you are likely to encounter have simple solutions. Most of the time, you don’t need to hire somebody to solve the issue. You just need to look up the code that you have to find solutions.

Common error codes for prepaid meters in South Africa

Error CodeCauseSolution
Error 30, E7, Conn-FailCommunication failure between your User Interface Unit (UIU) and the meter. The UIU is also referred to as a Customer Interface Unit (CIU). Error 30, E7 solution
rEjEctYou have entered a token that is not valid or you have not entered the numbers correctly. rEjEct error
USEDYou have entered a token that has already been used. Token USED error
NOT_ActYour meter has not been activated. Not Act error
E01The meter has not yet been initialized. E01 Error
–?????–The CIU/UIU is yet to be paired to your meter. CIU not paired
OUEr_PorThere are too many devices connected at once, leading to overloading of the meter. Overload error
ConnEctThe CIU is trying to establish connection to the meter. Wait for the connection to be completed. ConnEct error

What causes meter errors?

Those are some of the most common prepaid meter error codes that South Africans face on a daily basis. But what causes these errors? Communication issues between the CIU and the meter are probably the biggest culprit in this regard.

The customer interface unit (CIU), or User Interface Unit (UIU) is the device that you use to interact with your meter. The actual meter is outside your home. So, the two need to communicate in order for various functions, such as loading a token, to be effected.

Communication happens either wirelessly or using the electricity cables running from your home. Should there be interruption somewhere along the line, you will end up having serious issues.

Other errors are caused by meters that have not been initialized, or ones that have not been paired with the CIU. In any case, all these errors are easy enough to solve.

How do you solve each of these errors?

Those are some of the most common prepaid meter error codes that South Africans face on a daily basis. In reality, the error codes that you encounter will be different depending on the type of meter that you have in your home.

Common prepaid electricity meter brands include Hexing, Conlog and Landis+gyr. You may wish to investigate error codes for your particular brand to find out you can solve the issues that you have been encountering.

In any case, it’s important to always find and download the user manual for your particular meter. These can be found all over the internet. The good news about having a manual is that you will get a section in it where error codes and their solutions are discussed.

For a solution to a particular prepaid meter error code, simply click on the appropriate link under the Solutions column in the above table. You will be taken to a page where that particular error is discussed and where solutions are proffered.


In this article, we gave you the common prepaid meter error codes that you may face as a South African. It was noted that error codes vary depending on the type of meter that you have.

We also provided in our article solutions to each of the error codes that you may encounter while using your meter.

If you have further questions, leave them on our forum. Members of the Solar Forum community stand ready to help you out with appropriate solutions to your problems.


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