UPS Power Supply for TV

Are you looking for a UPS power supply for your TV? South Africa has been reeling under load shedding over the past few years. Signs of the seriousness of the issue can be seen in the fact that the President has since appointed a Minister of Electricity. Load shedding is likely to continue well into the foreseeable future, leaving many in the dark. You are here because you are looking for a UPS for your TV. It could be to protect the device or to keep you going during load shedding. In this article, we list some of the best backup power supply options for your TV;

Backup power supply for tv

There are many UPS power supply options for your TV in South Africa. Your choice of UPS depends on how big your TV is and the duration to which you wish to go while powering your TV. The worst number of hours that South Africans have been enduring without electricity is 12 hours. Unfortunately, the best that you can go on a UPS is around 3 hours for the expensive models. Most models will only keep you going for 15 minutes.

  1. Mecer 6000VA / 4800W ON-LINE UPS Rack Mount
  2. APC 1500VA Smart UPS with SmartConnect
  3. Mecer Winner Pro 3000VA 2U On-Line Rackmount UPS PF 0.8
  4. DR Light 2 KVA Portable UPS Inverter DRPUC2000
  5. APC UPS Battery Backup and Surge Protector

What to look for in a UPS

What should you look for in a UPS? This is something that you actually need to consider before you go shopping for your UPS. There are many types and brands out there and the entire thing can be confusing. This section will help you know what to look for;

Battery bank size

A UPS power supply is essentially a battery that you can use to power equipment in your home or office, including your TV. When shopping around, you need to get one whose battery is big enough to last the number of hours that you are usually out of power.

Unfortunately, as we have just noted at the top, most UPSs will not go beyond 3 hours. If you wish to get a system that goes beyond this, you should consider getting a home solar system. Or you can get a battery and inverter. You will then charge the battery using ESKOM.


Related to the above, you also need to know the wattage of the UPS that you are getting. It needs to be able to power your TV. Let’s say you have a 100 watt TV. You cannot get a UPS that has 60 watts because it will not be able to power your TV. But you can get one that’s 120 watts or even 1000 watts.

Compatibility with your TV

The UPS power supply that you get needs to be compatible with your TV. Most of the ones that are on sale in South Africa are compatible, so you don’t need to worry too much about this.

Still, you should consider the operating voltage ranges of your TV. From there, you need to make sure that the UPS that you are getting covers this range.

Type of battery in the UPS

The type of battery in the UPS should be another consideration that you take into account when choosing one for your TV. There are a number of battery technologies out there.

They include Gel, Lithium, AGM and Lead acid. Lead acid batteries are the ones that you will find in your car. They also have a deep cycle version.

However, the best UPS for your TV is probably one that has a lithium battery. That’s because lithium batteries have a shallower depth of discharge. It’s advised to discharge a lead acid battery no more than 20%. You can go to around 40% on Gel batteries.

Lithium batteries, on the other hand, can safely be discharged to up to 80% of their capacity. That’s a lot. It means a small lithium battery will provide power that’s similar to that provided by multiple Gel or lead acid batteries.

Not only that, but lithium batteries also have longer lifespans. You could conceivable use your UPS for up to 10 years if it has a lithium battery. In fact, estimates indicate that some lithium batteries could go up to as much as 20 years. So, they last way longer than the alternatives.


In fact, it’s likely that other components on the UPS will die before the lithium battery. That brings us to another important consideration when choosing a UPS power supply for your TV in South Africa.

You need to choose a good brand for your UPS. There are many manufacturers out there, not all of whom are created equal.


You can usually tell that a brand is good by the warry that is offered. Make sure that you buy a UPS that offers at least 2 years warranty. That ensures that you can get recourse in the event that something untoward happens to your UPS.

We have already talked about the longevity of lithium batteries. It’s the reason why many sellers are confident providing extended warranties on the products that they sell. It’s the reason why you should opt for sellers who fall into this bracket.

Benefits of getting a UPS for your TV

There are many benefits of getting a UPS power supply for your TV. We have already mentioned that South Africa has been reeling under load shedding. The prognosis is not good. It’s likely that load shedding will continue well into the next 5 or so years.

If you really value your peace of mind, you should find alternative power sources. A UPS is one such alternative. You can also go full solar. It’s possible to get batteries and an inverter to form a system that’s charged using ESKOM electricity. Another option is to get solar panels. You can also have a hybrid system that uses both ESKOM and solar.

A UPS offers protection for your equipment

When it comes to your TV, a UPS is not just there to provide power. A UPS also offers protection to your TV and to other appliances. That’s important with the power cuts.

There have been many reports across the country from people who have lost their TVs and other appliances in surges after load shedding.

By placing the UPS between your TV and the grid, you ensure that this important appliance is protected.

A UPS is easy to use

Another thing that’s worth noting is that a UPS is very easy to use. You simply buy one (that’s compatible with your equipment), plug it into your power outlet and plug your TV into it. That’s it! You don’t need to install any other equipment.

The UPS will charge off the power that you are getting from ESKOM. So, there is no need to buy things like inverters and other equipment that you would typically buy when installing a home solar system. The only major disadvantage of a UPS is that most are severely underpowered.

You will only get a maximum of 3 hours with the UPSs that are on the market today. So, that’s something to keep in mind. It may be better to get a real battery to set up a simple system that acts as a backup power supply for your home.

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