How Many Watts Does a TV Use?

How many Watts does a TV use? It’s a question that a lot of people in South Africa and elsewhere have been asking themselves. Perhaps you are in the process of installing a home solar system. In that case, it’s important to properly size your system. That is something that you can only do once you know the current power rating of your appliances. You can then come up with the amount of energy that is needed to power your home. One important appliance in every household is the Television. So, how much power does a TV use?

How much power does a TV use?

The table below answers the question; how many watts does a TV use. There are a number of factors that come into play when it comes to power usage by the average TV. These factors include display type, TV size, screen resolution and more. Those are all things to keep in mind when checking out TV power ratings;

Make & ModelSizeDisplayResolutionPower Consumption
Sinotec HD 32″LEDHD60W
Telefunken HD Smart LED32″LEDHD65W
Skyworth 32TC620032″LEDHD60W
Samsung AU700055″LED4K150W
Hisense 55A7100F55″LED4K130W
Philips 805/12 55″OLED4K146W
Panasonic LZ2000 65 11865″OLED4K118W
Samsung QLED 4K Q60B QA65Q60BAKXXA65″OLED4K175W
Hisense 65A6H UHD Smart TV65″Direct LED4K75W
Hisense 85″ 4K Smart UHD85″LED4K145W
Samsung 85″ Crystal UHD UA85BU800085″LED4K320W

What factors affect power consumption for a TV?

The above table answers the question “how many Watts does a TV use?” As you can see, different TV come with different power ratings. There are many factors that come into play in relation to this. The following are the factors that affect power consumption for a TV;

Screen size

In general, a TV with a bigger screen will consumes more power than one that has a smaller display. You can confirm this by checking out our table. As you can see, 32 inch TVs generally consume around 60 Watts of power. On the other side, an 85 inch TV will consume up to 320W.

However, there are some instances where this comparison does not hold. As an example, the Hisense 85″ 4K Smart UHD consumes 145 Watts, which is less than the Samsung AU7000 55″ TV, which consumes about 150 Watts.

This comparison shows that other than display size, there are other considerations that come into play with regards to a TV’s power consumption.

Display technology

Display technology also plays a role in answering the question how many watts does a TV use. If you take TVs from the same manufacturer, having the same size, their consumption may be different depending on the technology that is used on the screen.

The display technologies that are currently dominant in the market is LED. There are a number of variations of this technology including OLED and QLED. Other manufactures are now talking about QD-OLED.

These ever evolving technologies consume power differently. In South Africa, OLED and LED screens are more popular. In general, OLED TVs consume less power than QLED TVs because they don’t require the background to be very bright.

What about OLED vs LED TVs in terms of power consumption? In general, LED TVs consume less power than OLED TVs. However, the picture quality is way better on OLED screens.

Screen resolution

Still on the question, how many Watts does a TV use, another important consideration is TV resolution. These days manufacturers are now hyping 4K TV. These are sometimes referred to as Ultra High Definition TVs (UHD).

But does a UHD TV consume more power than an HD 720p TV? The answer is yes. On average, a 4K TV will consume more power that a 720p or a 1080p TV. That’s assuming that everything else is equal. So, that’s something to consider when setting up your solar system. Studies show that you need 30% energy for UHD TVs.

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Manufacturers make their TVs differently. The differences may be subtle, but they can still be notable in terms of energy usage.

It means there are likely to be different power ratings for TVs sharing the same display technology and having the same resolutions but coming from different manufacturers.

Why is it important to answer the question how many Watts does a TV use?

Why have South Africans and other people around the world been asking the question, “how many Watts does a TV use?” We live in an environmentally conscious world. Different crises around the world have spawned power shortages, making people realize the importance of saving energy.

If you are setting up a solar system, as an example, you will need to get a TV that’s as efficient as is possible. Otherwise you will have to pay in terms of having bigger batteries and a bigger solar panel array. Knowing the energy ratings of your appliances is also important when sizing the system itself.

It allows you to properly size components of your solar system. If you have questions relating to solar installations or any other issue, feel free to post them on our Forum. Our panel is on standby to provide you the answers that you are looking for!

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