Solution to the Not Activated Error on a Prepaid Electricity Meter

Are you looking for a solution to the not activated error on a prepaid electricity meter? Perhaps you have been trying to load a token onto the meter but you are getting a message that the device is not active. What do you do then? This error can leave you without power in your home or office. That makes it an issue that needs to be resolved urgently. In this article, we are going to discuss it’s causes. We are also going to show you how to get rid of the not-activated error.

Prepaid meter not active

The following is what to do in the event that you have received a not activated error on your prepaid electricity meter;

  1. If you are on Eskom, you can activate your meter by entering 55555 into your meter.
  2. Those that get their power through their municipalities should reach out to the relevant authorities to get their meters activated.
  3. If you are with a sub-metering system provided by companies such as Citiq, you can reach out to them for steps on how to activate your meter.

What causes the not activated error?

Those are some of the solutions to the not activated error on a prepaid electricity meter. But what causes this error?

This particular error is pretty straightforward. It can only happen because your meter has not been activated. This is something that’s done by your electricity provider.

So, the solution lies mainly in reaching out to whoever it is from whom you get your electricity. Explain the problem and they will tell you how you can activate your meter.

Here are common prepaid meter error codes


In this article we talked about the not activated error on a prepaid electricity meter. This is something that usually happens among South Africans who have just had new meters installed in their homes or offices.

Should that be the case for you, then your meter needs to be activated before it can accept tokens. You are not going to be able to use it before that. Activation is how it establishes communication with your provider.

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