Solution to the Used Error on a Prepaid Electricity Meter

Are you struggling to come up with a solution to the used error on your prepaid electricity meter? We are going to show you how to resolve that issue in this article. The used error happens when you are trying to top up your meter. Perhaps you have just bought a token from somewhere. However, when you enter it into your meter, it returns the message, “used.” What do you do then?

What to do if you encounter the Used error while trying to top-up your prepaid meter?

The following is the solution to the used error on a prepaid electricity meter;

  1. Verify that you are not trying to load an old token that you have already used. This can happen if you keep old tokens in one place.
  2. Perhaps you have entered the token several times before without getting confirmation that it has gone through. What you need to do is to check the balance on your prepaid meter. Most likely, you will see that the new units are already reflecting.
  3. Buy a new token and top up your meter.

What causes this issue?

Those are possible solutions to the used error on a prepaid electricity meter. It is unlikely that you will get this error if the token that you are trying to enter into your meter has not been used.

As noted in the second point above, what usually happens is that people enter the token digits the first time and they do not receive confirmation that their electricity has been topped up.

Should this happen to you, you will be left thinking you need to enter the token one more time. In that case, you will get the used error.

Other people keep old tokens in their handbags or in their wallets. Now, after buying a new token, they taken out the old one in mistake. Then they try to load the old token. Again, the result is an error.

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In this article, we talked about what to do in the event that you have gotten a used error on your prepaid electricity meter. We noted that this error is caused by the fact that you are trying to enter a used token.

In this regard, it’s not actually an error. There is nothing wrong with the meter itself. What you simply need to do is to enter a token that has not been used. Or check your balance to verify that previous attempts to top up have not already been successful.

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