Solution to Error 30, E7 and Conn-_FAIL error on Prepaid Electricity Meter

Are you struggling to solve Error 30 or E7 on your prepaid electricity meter? This applies whether you get power from Eskom or from your municipality. The most popular prepaid meters in South Africa are manufactured by Conlog, Hexing or Landis & gyr. These meters are some of the best on the market. However, it’s not uncommon for people to encounter errors that can prevent them from getting electricity. Of these errors, the most serious are probably Error 30 and E7 and Conn-_FAIL error. But how do you solve this problem?

How to resolve Error 30, E7 and Conn-_FAIL Error

The following are possible solutions to Error 30, E7 and Conn-_FAIL error on a prepaid electricity meter;

  1. Remove the Customer Interface Unit(CIU) (also referred to as the User Interface Unit (UIU)) from the plug on which it is currently connected and plug it into another power outlet. Choose one that’s nearer to the meter. This will probably be a socket in a room that’s at the back of your house.
  2. Switch off all electrical gadgets near the CIU. You may wish to do this one at a time to see the one that’s causing interference with the unit. Once you have found the culprit, you can switch it off each time you need to check your balance of top up your meter.
  3. Replace the batteries in the CIU. Note, however, that most units will not work on battery alone. They need to be plugged into a power outlet at your home to be able to interface with the meter.
  4. If you have run out of electricity and your home has been switched off, you may have to take the CIU unit next door to have it plugged into their power outlet so you can load your token. That’s particularly the case if the unit has run out of batteries.
  5. Another option is to reset your meter. Depending on the type of meter that you have, this can be done by long pressing on the # key or on the i button.

What causes Error 30 and E7?

Error 30 or E7 on your prepaid electricity meter shows that there has been a breakdown in communication between your and the meter.

In all cases, the electricity meter itself will be outside your home. It needs to communicate with the CIU for you to be able to carry out such functions as checking your balance and topping up your account.

This communication happens via the cables that run from your home to the electricity pole outside your home. Some meters use wireless communication. In any case, the solution to Error 30 involves reestablishing communication between the CIU and the meter.

Problems that can arise due to Error 30

In this article, we gave you the solution to Error 30 and E7 on a prepaid electricity meter. It was noted that this error is very common. But what will happen should you choose to ignore this error?

We have already alluded to the fact that Error 30 can leave your home or business without electricity. Let’s say you are about to run out of power, yet you are unable to top up because your meter is throwing Error 30 or E7?

It means you will soon be cut off from the grid. Another thing that can happen is that you will not be able to check your balance. This is something that a lot of people do every now and again. You need to always know your balance so you can buy a token before your units have run out.


In this post, we gave the solution to Error 30 and E7 on a prepaid electricity meter in South Africa. It was noted that these errors are fairly common. They are also the most debilitating since they have the potential to leave your home or office without power. Fortunately, Error 30 and E7 and Conn-_FAIL error are easy to solve. You don’t need a technician to resolve this error. It’s something that you can do on your own.

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  1. When I press the# button the info symbol appears on display screen n goes back to E07 again . Don’t know what to do

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