Highest Watt Solar Panel

What is the highest Watt solar panel that can be found on the market today? This is something that a lot of people in South Africa and around the world have been asking. It’s an interesting topic for those looking to set up their home solar systems. Most of these people end up also asking themselves whether or not it is necessary to get solar panels with the biggest power ratings. Is it cheaper or do you get better efficiency?

What’s the highest power solar panels?

The table below shows the highest Watt solar panels that can be found on the market today. The panels are from different manufacturers. As you can see, there are solar panels that have power ratings of up to 715 Watts. These are big panels, not just in terms of power, but also in terms of physical dimensions.

HUASUNHimalaya G12 Series715 W
RisenTITAN710 W
AKCOMEChaser-M12 132P700 W
Trina solarVertex670 W
WILLI Canadian SolarHiKu7670 W
SUN TECHUltra X Plus670 W
SERAPHIM®S5 Bifacial670 W
Solar JinKOTiger Pro NEO620 W
JA SOLARDeepBlue 3.0605 W

What’s the biggest panels that can be found in South Africa?

Will you be able to find the highest Watt solar panel on sale in South Africa? Some of the biggest panels are currently hard to find in the country. At the moment, panels that are common are in the 300W to 550W range.

There are smaller panels of course, but they are usually only for those looking to set up small systems. If you wish to set up a 3kVA system or a 5kVA system, you will need panels around the 374W range. Otherwise you are going to need more space to set up your system.

Do I need solar panels this big for my home solar system?

Over the past few years, manufacturers have seemingly been in a race to become the ones to create solar panels with the highest Watt ratings. It’s something akin to the war that takes place between computer processor manufacturers.

At some point, this war becomes a bit meaningless. It’s entirely possible to create a huge solar with an eye popping power rating. However, would such a panel be practical in terms of home use? The answer is mostly no.

The solar panels that we showed in the above table are on the market, but they are mostly used by people setting up solar power stations. Yes, there have been improvements in panel efficiency, but they have not been enough to offset the size requirement for bigger panels.

Power RattingLength (meters)Width
300W- 380W1.7m1.0m
460W-560W2.3m 1.1m

The above table highlights the relationship between a solar panel’s power rating and it’s size. As you can see, bigger panels are bigger in size. It means they mostly cannot be used on the standard roof. They need to be mounted on stands on the ground.

How much are solar panels in South Africa?

What’s the standard power on home solar panels?

The highest Watt solar panel today exceeds 700W. But these are not standard, particularly for home and office use. In actual fact, most home solar systems use solar panels that are between 350W and 400W.

Those are the ranges within which you should look when setting up your system. You could get a 500W solar panel, but they tend to be more expensive.

Are bigger panels better

You would intuitively think bigger is better in any case. That would be true to some degree. You need a fewer number of panels when setting up your system if you use bigger panels. So, does that mean bigger panels are better?

It’s worth noting, however, that bigger solar panels usually cost a lot more than standard solar panels. That tends to offset the size advantage. As an example, it’s cheaper to build a 3kW system that is composed of 370W panels than it is to build one using 700W panels.

In terms of efficiency, there is no difference between a 370W panel and a 700W panel. The average efficiency across the board is about 21%. That means, again, there is no advantage for bigger panels.


In this article, we look for the highest Watt solar panel that is on the market today. It was noted that there are solar panels out there that have power ratings of over 700 Watts. However, these panels are best suited for solar farms. For residential use, you should stick to panels of around 370W.

That’s because there is really no size, price or efficiency benefit of getting the bigger panel. Though you need fewer bigger panels to set up your system, the space that they take will almost the same because they are bigger. Bigger panels also cost a little more than smaller ones when it comes to setting up a system.

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